Secondary Operations

Secondary Operations

Avanti Engineering as an innovative partner offers you the benefits of vast capabilities and years of experience as an industry leader. In addition, Avanti Engineering provides an array of secondary operations which allows the ability to complete most component part applications. The result is outstanding service, exceptional quality, shorter lead times and lower costs!

Secondary Operations

  • CNC vertical machining mills, (slots, cross drills and taps, keyways, mill cutting, including dual pallet changers for increased productivity).
  • Multi-spindle chucker's & MSO rotary transfers (high volume secondary operations co keep pace with lsc operation blanks).
  • When a component cannot be fulfilled in one operation, Avanti has a variety of machines to accomplish additional operations.

Avanti Engineering secondary OperationsValue Added Services

Washing: All parts are washed and preserved using automated technology. This gets even the toughest components clean. Parts come out 100% dry and free of chips and oil.

Packaging: All completed components are properly preserved and packaged to get maximum shelf life and stay damage free.

Plating: Capabilities include most commercial applications, for example, zinc, nickel, chrome passivate, anodizing, powder coating, and more.

Heat Treating: Capabilities include most commercial applications such as, case hardening, annealing, tempering, etc...

Grinding: Diameter Tolerances to .0003 inches, Surface Finish to SRA, Roundness to .00025 inches max.  And Straightness to .0003 inches max.

Thread Lock: Various thread locking materials and high speed technology resulting in completion of parts quickly and economically.

Broaching: Slotting, piercing, notching, and much more.

Engineering: Avanti can provide design assistance in developing a quality and affordable part. Inquire for details.

Inventory/ Management: We will hold and replenish your inventory. Inquire about our consignment programs.

Assembly: Hand assembly, minor press fits and the ability to buy mating components such as, gaskets and 0-rings in supplying a finish product.

Avanti Engineering, Inc. utilizes only approved outside vendors, which meet strict ISO 9001:2015 quality, delivery and continuous improvement criteria.  Terms are 1%10 net thirty (30) days and all pricing out of the Chicago/and area is estimated FOB Glendale Heights, Illinois.



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Machining Capabilities
Automatic Bar Machining – capacity for parts from 1/16" to 2 5/8”
CNC Turning – CNC multi-axis machining centers for superior speed & flexibility
Custom Machining - expert machined components delivered on time
Multi Spindle Machining - Davenport, Euro turn, New Britain & Acme Gridley
Screw Machine Products – precision components from a broad variety of materials & Equipment
Swiss Machining – micro-parts to 1-1/4 round diameter providing speed, high capability including precision tolerances and specialized finishes
High Volume Machining – Specialized in machined parts exceeding 1,000 pieces up to millions of pieces for optimum efficiency
CNC Milling - Machining from bar stock, plate or block metal using up to 3 axis of motion
5 axis (11 axis) Machining – Multi Axis Multi spindle technology for completing complex parts efficiently in one operation. C=0 sampling plan & equipment versatility provide one stop shop capability for a variety of applications.

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