Production Machining Magazine highlighted Avanti Engineering, Inc. in a recent article. The article gave an overview of Joseph Bratta’s arrival into the U.S. as a teenager, his beginnings in the machining business, and the opening of his own business in 1972.

The article continues about the growth of Avanti Engineering, Inc. over the last 40+ years and how it is now run by Joseph Bratta’s three children; a business with the savvy to foster a client base on a wide variety of industries to allow it to ebb and flow with economic trends.

Most importantly a business built on the foundation of doing the job right the first time; accuracy is critical to the client. Quality high precision machining is what will allow Avanti Engineering, Inc. a continued success into the future.

See the entire article to read about Avanti Engineering, Inc.’s part in National Manufacturing Day with manufacturing’s future workforce.