Swiss Screw Machining

Swiss Type Machines are still the power house of long slender precision machining of metal type components, stronger than ever; they are flexible and still provide rapid cycle times. They offer a wide variety of tools and options; along with high quality, advanced controls, they help modernize the process of machining. Swiss Machines are generally used for complex smaller diameter parts yielding trimmer and longer turned parts exhibiting better micro finishes and truer roundness

How do Swiss Screw Machines Work?

The way you can determine a Swiss Machine from the rest, is the headstock has the ability to move or slide back and forth. The Bar Stock slides through a chucking collet in the headstock, which holds it. The tools machine the bar stock closely to the guide bushing.  The headstock moves in a Z formation, while moving back and forth and taking the bar with it.

The Benefit of Swiss Machining?

Swiss machining allows heavier cuts with tighter tolerances because the collet and the guide bushings are closer to the cut. In addition, Swiss Machines can create complex parts because it can perform many operations at the same time. This can also eliminate the need for many secondary operations, saving time and reducing costs.

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