Very Impressive

“I am totally blown away by the parts that we just received from our new vendor, Avanti Engineering. The adapter plates (007-0097A) that is. They are perfect. Not only are the parts perfect, but they sent material certifications as well as a complete ISIR. This is something I rarely see. Are these the guys that are going to be making our Fan-Vent shafts? I hope so. Wow. Very impressive! Just thought you’d like to know…”

 On-time Performance

“Avanti has been a supplier for 12 plus years and their quality is excellent, their PPM for the last three years is 21 = .0021% and the on time performance is very good at 98% on time.”

 Quality Product

“Avanti has been an excellent supplier to us for many years. They consistently provide us with a quality product at a competitive price and our mutually beneficial business relationship is expected to remain in place for many years to come.”

 Great honor

“It has been a great honor to have known and dealt with this company for all of these years.”

 Responsive to our Needs

“We have been doing business with Avanti Engineering for several years now. We have found them very responsive to our needs, from the engineering, sales, customer service departments to the President of the company. Their quality is very good and pricing very competitive. Their flexibility to work with us to meet our needs has been excellent. Avanti has worked hard to get us out of delivery issues and change the way they sell to meet the way we like to purchase.”

 Long-term Partner

“We have been doing business with Avanti for 20 years. They have provided creative and cost effective solutions to our product requirements. Our sales representative is personable and follows up with answers to our questions. We look forward to another 20 years.”

 Considerate Supplier

“I am pleased you have completed your investigation and implemented your corrective action. We would love to continue to evaluate the parts and provide feedback. It is very refreshing to have a supplier, which considers our problems seriously and takes action to solve them. Thank you.”

 Strong Customer Service

“Avanti has been a company that we can depend on and trust. They have proven that they are willing to work with and for the customer. Customer service is definitely a strong suite!”

 Quality Organization

“I’ve partnered with Avanti Engineering for many years in both distributor / manufacturer partner roles. Avanti has been a key partner on many precision machined parts and is a quality organization with competitive pricing. Unlike many, they have the ability to produce unique & complex per-print items with predictable, on-time deliveries. “

 Strived to Adapt

“I have been doing business with Avanti for around 30 years. Throughout that long period of time, they have strived to maintain the internal drive to adapt to the changing demands of their customers.”

 Customer Oriented

“As a fairly new purchaser, I have found the Avanti team very friendly, easy to work with and very customer oriented. They are willing to take the extra steps to meet our requirements.”


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