Have you heard of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining? It’s a booming industry, and plays an integral role in making parts for almost every industry around the world. From aerospace and healthcare to the military, CNC machines make parts used in many different industries.

What are CNC Machines?

A CNC machine is a piece of manufacturing equipment that uses a computer to guide the machining of various materials. This process uses a computer-driven machine tool to make parts out of a solid material, such as plastic, metal, aluminum or wood, that is a different shape. Since the machine is computer-driven, there is no need for a manual operator to directly control the machining operation.  

Despite the similarities, different types of CNC machines do different tasks. Keep reading to find out more about the most popular CNC machines and what they do.

Swiss Machines

A Swiss CNC machine is sometimes called a Swiss type lathe or Swiss automatic lathe. It works by feeding bar stock, made from some type of solid material like plastic or metal, through a guide bushing that firmly supports the material as it gets fed into the tooling area of the machine.

While traditional CNC lathe machines rotate the workpiece rapidly in a fixed position, a Swiss lathe machine allows the workpiece to turn and move back and forth while various tools cut away the features of the part. Swiss Screw machines are also common.

Swiss CNC machines can produce small, intricate parts quickly and accurately and are considered a modern precision manufacturing machine.

Milling Machines

Milling machines are very versatile and comprised of a stationary cutting tool with a movable table that is either computer driven or controlled by a machinist, milling machines are typically used to machine flat surfaces. They are also able to make irregular surfaces. In addition, they can be used to drill, bore, cut gears or produce slots into various types of material.

Multi Spindle CNC Machines

A Multi Spindle CNC machine is one that contains multiple spindles, meaning that it can perform multiple tasks at once. For example, a Multiple Spindle Drilling Machine is used to drill a number of holes simultaneously. This increases the productivity of a machining system by reducing the operation time since it can perform several of the same tasks at one time.

Single Spindle Screw Machines

A Single Spindle Screw machine is a type of lathe machine that typically has one main spindle that works to cut parts with the help of a sub-spindle.

Multi Spindle Screw Machines

A Multi Spindle Screw machine is a type of turning machine that uses several tools mounted on one central spindle that rotates horizontally to simultaneously work on a solid material of bar stock, allowing for several parts to be made at the same time. Most Multi Spindle machines have six main spindles that rotate horizontally. This speeds up the productivity without taking away from the precision of the parts being made.

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