Avanti Engineering, Inc. has been around since 1972 and has served several clients across different industries. Our company specializes in High volume CNC machining and screw machining services. Committed to giving back to society, Avanti Engineering began participating in MFG Day in 2012 and has continued to help students discover financially rewarding job opportunities through the event. Avanti Engineering, Inc. has recently concluded its MFG Day 2021.

Avanti Engineering, Inc. is a CNC and screw machining company that serves various businesses across industries. As a company with decades of industry experience, we have grown out of a garage to become one of the biggest CNC machining companies in Illinois and surrounding areas. Our company focuses on building capacity and identifying interests, which led to participation in MFG Day in 2012 and has since then contributed to helping students find financially rewarding job opportunities.

We are proud to announce the successful completion of the 2021 edition of the event.  We had  three area schools attend our MFG Day event. Seven senior year students who took classes in the Engineering field from Wheaton Warrenville South HS attended the event on Wednesday, Sept. 29th; ten junior and senior year students with similar interest from Lake Park High School attended on Friday, Oct. 1st; and two students, both Ceu Thang’s daughters, from Glenbard North High School on Friday, Oct. 1st. The event also had in attendance family and friends, including Jennifer Tiscareno, Kevin Bramev, and Jan Hrobak.

Participants at the 2021 edition of Manufacturing Apprenticeship by Avanti Engineering, Inc. were divided into groups and made to rotate through the different stations available on site. Some of the stations include Sales / Customer Service, Engineering Department, Tour by the Plant and Quality Dept., and more. The company’s President, Managers, and Assistants were all involved in the event, giving detailed information about what each department does and how each department contributes to the value chain.

Avanti Engineering, Inc. continues to grow while helping young minds and students develop an interest in Engineering and we were honored to host yet another MFG Day this year. Our company specializes in a variety of capabilities like Machining of all kinds. Clients are welcome to contact us for CNC multi spindle machining, Automatic bar machining, CNC machining, CNC turning and milling, high volume machining, multi spindle screw machining, screw machine products, and Swiss screw machining.