You may be thinking CNC machining is exactly what you need to have your product manufactured. If you need unique and intricate machined parts, you’re probably right. But just how expensive is CNC machining?

The following is your guide to understanding more about the CNC machining process and how much it costs for CNC machine parts.

What is CNC?

Computer Numerical Control, also called CNC, is when an operator digitally designs a product and then uses a machine to cut the design out of various materials.

The operator can create the design by manually entering it into a computer. Or, they can use a CAM program to scan a product prototype to produce the design from. No matter how the design is created, the computer uses the digital design to cut parts from various materials. Different CNC machines may be used to create your part depending on the design and material you need.

How CNC Machining is Used

CNC machining is used in many different industries. From small and intricate parts to large products, CNC machining can help meet the manufacturing needs of many industries in a short period of time.

Although CNC machining is used in industries across the board, these are the most common:

  • Engine or Machine Manufacturing
  • Medical Industry
  • Creating Firearms
  • Gasoline and Oil Industries
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Firearms Industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Electronics Industry

How Expensive is CNC Machining?

Different machines are used for CNC machining: 3-axis machines and Multi-axis machines. Different machines complete different processes and can make different parts.

3-axis machines, including CNC milling machines, cost approximately $40 per hour to run. CNC turning machines, which are also 3-axis machines, cost about $35 to run. CNC milling machines have slightly higher price points to cover the cost of the operator’s salary.

Multi-axis machines are a bit pricier since they cost more to run. They usually run from $75-$120 per hour. Since prices can exceed that average, you should secure a quote before agreeing to any work.

Other price considerations will also include:

  • Part design
  • Material cost
  • Finish
  • Labor costs
  • Timeline
  • Shipping

Why is CNC Machining More Costly?

Generally speaking, CNC-machining is more costly because the designs of the parts themselves are more difficult to produce. After all, that’s why they need a computer to direct the cuts rather than a less-precise human. In any field, the higher quality and higher precision required, the more expensive it will be.

CNC machine parts require tighter tolerances than standard products. We’re talking about tolerances of .005” and tighter. Straying outside of these tolerances can have devastating effects on how the product works. Just think of the damage that flawed airplane parts and medical equipment could cause.

Consistency is another valuable factor of CNC machining. CNC machining allows you to produce highly-accurate parts over and over again. At Avanti Engineering, for instance, we can produce 1,000 to over a million precision parts!

How Expensive is CNC Machining at Avanti Engineering

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