Avanti Engineering is proud to announce a new addition to the production floor. In our continued commitment to provide our customers with precision machined products, we have invested in a state-of-the-art INDEX CNC Multi Spindle Machine. INDEX is known for building innovative equipment with a vision of the future of efficient metalworking and their CNC Multi Spindle MS40-6 is considered the standard to beat.

The features and benefits of the INDEX CNC multi spindle machine are designed to meet precise user requirements. Some of these features include:
• Infinitely variable speed control
• high torque
• short part production times
• up to 12 tool carriers with 1 or 2 travel axes
• machine high-strength materials

The INDEX CNC multi spindle machine has many functions including complex capabilities such as:
-Milling- disk milling cutter, end milling and plunge milling
-Gear cutting- positionally correct gearing, programmed desired angle offset
-Deburring- elliptic deburring of transverse holes

The range of capabilities from this equipment support machining needs across many industries. At Avanti Engineering, our engineers and machinists have years of experience producing precision machined parts for our customers in many different industries. Our experts work directly with clients to design and produce parts to meet client specifications and meets ISO 9001:2015.

The INDEX CNC multi spindle is certain to give Avanti Engineering a competitive advantage in providing innovative solutions for custom machined products for our customers. Contact us today for your CNC machining needs.