Screw machining processes are very efficient for high-volume production runs. These processes are ideal for complex, long, or thin products, such as those in the electronics and medical sectors. The screw machine industry produces various types of screws using a variety of CNC machines. Screw machining processes also offer tighter tolerances and can be carried out with minimal operator involvement. A significant advantage of screw machining is the low deflection of the cutting surface. This machining process is easy to automate, enabling multiple machines to carry out the same operation.

Screw Machines

Depending on the industrial applications, a specific machine will be used to produce a high precision part. Machining processes may use multi-spindle machines. Each spindle turns the material at the same time, and all the spindles are connected so that the part has a smooth, even surface. A CNC Swiss machine has more tooling than an automatic machine, and its computerized control unit allows it to run multiple spindles at different speeds. The machine attaches a bar stock to a series of spring collets that allow multiple automated tools to work on it. These tools remove excess material and smooth out the surface. They also drill near a guide bushing. When the bar stock has been processed, the screws are inserted into the machine. The process of screw machining is often performed by either a rotary or stationary machine. A screw machining machine may also incorporate a secondary process such as threading. Tight tolerances may require more operator attention or a more complex inspection method. The end result may be higher costs. Suppliers should be more than willing to discuss specific requirements. They should also be open to integrating their processes into the design of the part, making them the perfect match for your requirements. Custom screw machine parts are not typical stock items. However with the efficiency of a mechanical screw machine, custom parts can be made in high volume production runs and with quick turnaround times.

Screw Machining Material

There are many different materials that can be used for machine screw parts. Metals commonly used in screw machining include aluminum, carbon steel, gold, palladium, nylon, and PVC. Industries served include aerospace, medical, and paper and pulp. Sheet metal screws are the cheapest and most common type of screw parts. However, they are prone to rusting if exposed to moisture and other chemicals. Therefore, they should be used indoors only. For extra protection, screw parts made of stainless steel and galvanized steel are available. The latter types tend to cost more than standard steel screws. They may also be coated with zinc or nickel for added appearance. Specialty materials can be used depending on the intended use of the machine screw parts.

Machine Screw Parts

There are many machine screw parts and types. Machine screws come in many different types of driver heads, including standard slotted and Phillips heads, hex socket heads for use with Allen wrenches, and Torx six-pointed star and square-drive socket heads. Some screws have security heads that are difficult to remove. They may have been die-cut or have materials cut out of the threads. Other types have been formed by rolling material into grooves on a machine, allowing them to be a uniform diameter and shape. When looking for a precision screw machining service, it is best to provide the machining company with the detailed specifications of the needed part and your product quality expectations.

With precise parts, there are many things to consider. Machine screws come in many different configurations and sizes. Machine screws can be countersunk or recessed. Countersunk machine screws are different from other types of countersunk screws, as they are designed to sit flush against the surface of a housing. There are both imperial and metric sizes for machine screw parts.

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