Screw Machine Parts

Screw Machine usually refers to an metal working lathe, either single or multi spindle used to produce small to medium sized machined parts in medium to high volume quantities. The term “screw machine” is confusing since a screw machine doesn’t actually produce most of your common screws.  A screw machine is typically a two or more axis lathe through which metal or plastic bar stock is automatically fed using gears to drive spindle speed & RPM, while cams control feed rate of individual tools which cut down the metal to precise dimensions & tolerances.  Multi spindle refers to tools that are overlapping one another simultaneously therefore reducing the cycle time and overall time it takes to make parts quicker.

All modifications and adjustments are made manually to control the dimensions and tolerances of a screw machined part. Screw Machine setups can take a long time to complete requiring higher volume runs and part complexity is usually classified as low to medium.