If you have ever machined a part on a CNC machine, you know that the results are flawless. With this advanced technology, you can cut a variety of metals or plastic blocks with the help and precision of a computer. Traditionally, this type of cutting was done by hand, but this method has become a popular and reliable choice among manufacturing companies.

One of the biggest benefits of CNC machining is that it creates higher running efficiency by reducing setup & providing quicker dimensional modifications & tool resharpening. The CNC machine’s computer control allows for pre-programming of the setup & less downtime overall.  While one skilled machinist can run multiple autonomous CNC machines and load designs, it takes at least one experienced supervisor to monitor each machine. These machines are ideal for producing exact-fitting parts with tight tolerance. Since a CNC machine operates using pre-programmed software, it is much simpler to operate and lowers production costs.

The advantages of CNC machining are numerous. Here are a few more benefits of machining with CNC machines.

Quick Prototypes
At the beginning stages of product design, prototypes are often used to ensure the functionality of the part and identify any issues with the design. CNC design software allows engineers to quickly develop prototypes and eliminate any potential risks. This shortening of prototyping time results in faster production along with the ability to easily update or replace instructions.

Easy Maintenance
In addition to being more accurate, CNC machining also saves time and money. The software can even maintain the design of your product after the prototype is created. In addition to maintaining a record of component designs, it is just as easy to maintain the CNC machine itself. Routine cleaning of a CNC machine should include removing component cuttings, replacing the cutting implements, and monitoring fluid levels.

Complex Parts
Besides saving time, CNC machining also allows you to create complex geometries. Using this technology, you can easily create contoured surfaces by modifying the settings on a CNC. The software automatically calculates the tool paths. This way, you can have consistent results every time. The machines will run a number of tasks at the same time, making the entire process easier. You’ll be able to control the process at a higher speed and more precisely.

At Avanti Engineering, our CNC machining team of experienced machinists works with a wide range of metals. We produce precision machines parts for a variety of industries. To find out more about CNC Machining at Avanti Engineering, contact us today!